3,500 top chefs are locked and loaded to whip up the ultimate dish with the exclusive ingredient: Satoshi

Each chef's got their own signature moves and specialties, so pick the right one to cook up your fave dish

🔥 333 Chefs will belong to $Cook holders

The OG alphas of #runes Stake your cook on @runealpha_btc (coming at ya live real soon) and snag some tickets. Chefs drop straight to winning tickets, on the house. Just Stake, No Fee required.

🔥 101 Chefs will serve up for Runealpha users

For everyone who's engaged with Run Alpha from day one, keep a close watch on your wallets! Chefs dropping into your kitchen. It's all free, no fees attached. Stay ready!

🔥 66 Chefs are reserved for the Bitcoin ecosystem builders. We haven’t forgotten those who've hustled to shape the Bitcoin ecosystem. They deserving of some epic grub.

🔥 The remaining 3,000 Chefs are hitting the Dutch Auction at https://runealpha.xyz website. (Details coming soon)

Runealpha has nailed the #launchpad feature – and Ordinals Chef is set to be the debut star

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