🏹Rune Alpha Period

It may not be fully cooked yet, but it offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the Rune protocol

The Rune protocol is currently in the pre-launch phase, with our dedicated Chef team meticulously crafting an Alpha version. This preliminary version is designed to meet the exacting standards of the upcoming mainnet release. This demo is intended for those who are at the forefront of technology adoption, the true "Alphas."

Rune Standards:

💠 Implement open etchings (#2548) ✅ 💠 Implement splits (#2530)✅ 💠 Encode runestones with tags (#2547)✅ 💠 Edict with zero amount allocates all remaining runes (#2531)✅ 💠 Always create rune, even if none were allocated (#2543)✅ 💠 Delta encode Rune IDs in edicts (#2532)✅ 💠 Track burned runes (#2511)✅ 💠 Don't encode divisibility if zero (#2510)✅ 💠 Format rune supply using divisibility (#2509)✅

CAUTION: Remember, this is not a gourmet meal, so only the most adventurous palates should take a bite.

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